Who can vend at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market?

Anyone can vend at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  We pride ourselves in being able to bring some of the best vintage and vintage inspired vendors in San Diego County to the community.

What are the booth sizes?

Booth sizes vary.  But we feel that there is a booth size that accommodates everyone’s needs.  The booth sizes are as follows:

Umbrella Pop-Up Vendor: An *umbrella pop-up vendor is a smaller booth with a table, the size of a 4’x4′ card table or one small rolling clothes rack to sell from.  (*Umbrella is optional, but recommended.) Please note that there are only 2 available at the market.

Single Business 10’x10’ Vendor Booth: A single 10′ x 10′ vendor booths for a single business under 1 business name. 

Shared Business 10’x10’ Vendor Booth: A single 10′ x 10′ vendor booths for a shared business under 2 businesses name maximum.

Is there a limit on the booths?

You are allowed one 10′ x 10′ booth.  We limit booths in order to bring in a variety to the community of vintage shoppers and to allow those on the waitlist to get in on the selling action.

What if I have a special request for my booth?

If you have a special request due to a physical disability, please try to note it on your vendor application.  However, please be advised that even though we try to accommodate all requests for a specific booth (i.e. back row booth, corner booth) and requested load in times, there is not a guarantee that we will be able to.  Also, we cannot make any changes to the layout or load in time 7 days prior to the market date.

How much is it to vend?

The booth fee in order to vend at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market and the prices are as follows: 

Umbrella Pop-Up Vendor – $60

Single business 10’ x 10’ Vendor – $85

Shared business 10′ x 10′ Vendor – $100

How do I pay for my booth?

We do not accept personal checks due to liabilities.  However, you can pay by sending in a Cashier’s check, business check, or a money order along with your vendor application made out to MICHELLE ENDERS (please add “SDVFM” and the date of the market you are signing up for in the memo line).  Also, for all returned business checks, there is a $20 fee on top of the booth fee.

Payments are mailed to: San Diego Vintage Flea Market PO Box 1151 La Mesa, CA 91944


Can I send an electronic application in?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept electronic applications at this time.  We need to have the paper application in hand in order for every (new & returning) vendor to be accepted at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  But this doesn’t mean that in the future we won’t be accepting electronic applications in.

What can/cannot I bring to sell?

We welcome home furnishings, bric-a-brac, clothing, and so much more from turn of the century to early 80’s vendors.  For vintage-inspired items, we welcome pin-up/rockabilly style clothing and accessories, tiki infused along with vintage-inspired music promotion.  You cannot sell drugs or drug paraphernalia, pornographic materials, animals (exceptions for nonprofit rescues), or weapons of any kind.  Also, no bootleg audio/video tapes, or CDs and DVDs.  Brand name counterfeit merchandise such as clothing, jewelry, handbags, etc.  No fireworks, explosives, or other potentially dangerous items that can be considered  “illegal” by the city of San Diego Police Department.

Are the vendors required to bring their own booth setups?

Yes, the vendor/seller is responsible for bringing their own booth set ups: tables, chairs, clothing racks, and size appropriate canopies.  And don’t forget your manpower!

What happens if it rains on the day of the market?

We are a “RAIN OR SHINE” event.  We will be there regardless of the weather.  If a vendor chooses not to vend due to the weather, they will be considered a cancellation, which is nonrefundable.

Is this a juried market?

Yes, this is a juried market.  We want to ensure that the San Diego Vintage Flea Market is as good of a fit for your needs as the vendor is for the San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  So, we require all new/potential vendors whom have never vended at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market before to send us a link to either a website, Etsy/Ebay page, or some photos, so we can see what sort of merchandise you vend.  Please note that this is required at the same time of sending in the vendor application and booth fee.

Can I reserve a booth without paying first?

Unfortunately, you cannot “save/reserve” a booth without both payment and a paper application in hand.  This is a first come, first served market.  So, we ask that if you plan on attending as a vendor, to please submit your vendor application and booth fee at your earliest convenience in order to ensure you are accepted as a vendor.

What happens if I submit my booth fee and you are booked before it gets to you?

If that is the case, we will keep your payment on hand in case we have a booth become open (this sometimes can be the same weekend as the market).  From there, you will be placed on a wait list leading up to the day of.  If a booth does not become available, we will refund you your payment in full within 7 business days after the market date or  we can transfer your payment to the vendor roster for the upcoming market.  If a booth does become available and you choose to not accept the booth, you are forefeiting your booth payment and will be considered an in-kind donation or your payment can be reserved for the following market.

What happens if I can’t vend on the day of and I have already paid my booth fee?

Unfortunately, our cancellation policy is “no refunds/no exchanges” regardless of when you inform us.  If you cannot vend for any reason after paying your booth fee, your fee will be considered an in-kind donation.  We also ask that if you have to cancel, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

Am I responsible for my own load in/out help?

Yes, the vendor is responsible to bring their own manpower for load in and load out on the day of the markets.  There will not be anyone from the market available to help you on the day of.  We suggest that you bring extra hands to help you along with a dolly and/or a hand truck.

What do I do with my extra garbage at the end of the market day?

There are trash boxes supplied all around the market in-kind donation from our sponsor, EDCO.  They are there for you to place all small garbage items inside the trash boxes.  Please do NOT leave it laying at the side or on top if the trash boxes if they are full or on top or next to any public/city trash cans.  If there is excessive trash laying at the side, we will move forward with a trash removal fee of $10 per booth that will be applied to the booth fee and is due at the time when applying to vend.


Are you on Social Media?

Of course we are!  You can like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sdvintagefleamarket and you can follow us on Instagram at @SDVintageFleaMarket.  We also have a few hashtags that will help you locate us; #sandiegovintagefleamarket #sdvintagefleamarket #sdvfm

Can I bring my pet with me?

We encourage all patrons to bring well-behaved dogs on a leash.  We only ask that if your dog does its business somewhere, to please clean up after it.  And if it does its business on vendor’s merchandise, it is a good pet parent to offer to pay for the unsellable merchandise.  If a dog parent refuses to comply, you will be asked to leave the market immediately and to not return to any other market in the future.  However, we ask that vendors do not to bring a pet of any kind to the market, so that you can focus on selling your wares and to avoid any liability of a potential hazard of an unsupervised pet.

How can I sponsor the San Diego Vintage Flea Market?

For $250, we offer our “Flier Sponsorship”, which includes putting your info on 2000+ fliers that are distributed throughout San Diego county and parts of Orange County and LA County along with Las Vegas on occasion.  This also gives you a free 10’x10′ booth.  If you would like to request more information regarding this, please email us at info@sdvintagefleamarket.com.  We also love people who like to volunteer, so if you are interested in volunteering for flier distribution or for morning of tasks, such as helping vendors find their assigned booth area or to sit at the information booth and help direct people, we’d love to have you join us.

Is there alcohol at the market?

No, there is no alcohol allowed at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  Please be courteous of this request, so that we can continue to host this market in North Park in compliance with the city of San Diego.

Is there an admission to get in?

No, there is not an admission to get it at this time.  However, this doesn’t mean in the future we won’t start having a small admission fee with proceeds benefiting a local charity.  But you are always welcome to stop by the information booth on the day of at any of the flea markets and make a donation that will benefit our partners, Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue.

Where do I park?

In North Park there is plenty of street parking around the venue and in the neighboring streets.  And there is also a parking structure right across the street that charges a small fee on Sundays that we highly encourage patrons to take advantage of.  However, please be aware that the San Diego Vintage Flea Market and its affiliates are not responsible for any parking fees and parking tickets acquired by any patron or vendor.

Are there ATMs?

We do not have ATMs on the premises, however there are several banks with ATMs within a 2 block vicinity of the market in North Park, including a Wells Fargo ATM a few blocks east on University Ave.

Do the vendors accept credit cards?

Some might, some might not.  This is solely up to the vendor whether or not they want to accept credit cards and/or checks.  All vendors accept cash, so please remember to run to the ATM on your way to the market.

Are you affiliated with any other organization?

Yes, we are.  We are affiliated with Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue which is a nonprofit senior dog rescue based in San Diego county.  We hold this rescue dear to our hearts, because Derek & Michelle, the founders of the San Diego Vintage Flea Market have a senior dog of their own named Hugo, who is a 10 year old Boston Terrier.  If you would like to know more about Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue, please go to http://lionelslegacy.org/ and learn how you can give back to the community.