8 Once-Essential Life Skills That Are Slowly Dying Out

Cursive Handwriting: With increased use of digital communication, cursive handwriting is no longer emphasized in many schools, leading to a decline in this traditional skill.

Map Reading and Navigation: GPS and smartphones have made map reading and navigation skills less necessary, as most people rely on technology for directions.

Basic Sewing and Mending: With the availability of inexpensive clothing and fast fashion, fewer people are learning basic sewing skills like hemming, repairing tears, or sewing on buttons.

Handwriting Checks: With the rise of electronic banking and online payments, the need for handwriting checks has decreased, leading to fewer people learning how to write them.

Analog Photography: The advent of digital photography has made traditional film photography and darkroom skills less common, as most people use digital cameras or smartphones for photography.

Phone Etiquette: With the prevalence of texting and messaging apps, formal phone etiquette—such as answering calls politely and taking messages—is less emphasized and practiced.

Cooking from Scratch: As convenience foods and meal delivery services become more popular, fewer people are learning how to cook meals from scratch using basic ingredients.

Outdoor Survival Skills: With urbanization and modern conveniences, traditional outdoor survival skills like building a fire, navigating wilderness areas, and foraging for food are less commonly taught and practiced.

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