A Disused McDonald's Menu Board Shows How Much Has Increased In Price

One video of an old McDonald's menu board has lately gone viral, sparking public concern about rising fast-food costs.

In a previous video, photographer and YouTuber Chris Lockhardt showed off a McDonald's on the isolated island of Adak, Alaska.

In a previous video, photographer and YouTuber Chris Lockhardt showed off a McDonald's on the isolated island of Adak, Alaska.

He mentioned that the eatery closed its doors in 1994 and was situated on an abandoned military post. You'll be shocked to discover McDonald's prices from a bygone period when the film moves over an apparently undisturbed menu.

A Big Mac cost $2.45, a six-piece meal of Chicken McNuggets cost $2.35, and depending on size, French fries priced between 99 cents or $1.28. It also offered Big Mac meals with a large order of fries and a medium drink for $4.59, as well as Egg McMuffins for $1.95

In contrast, in 2024 I would have to pay $3.49 for a six-piece Chicken McNugget, $7.49 for a Big Mac, and $2.49 for a small order of fries at my local McDonald's in Jersey City, NJ. A Big Mac Meal meal would cost me $11.59—plus tax.

McDonald's has been the target of numerous widely shared social media posts criticizing its prices during the past year. Bespoke Investment Group shared a picture of a receipt from a Fairfield, Connecticut, McDonald's at the end of January.

Two Egg McMuffins costing $14.58, or $7.29 for each breakfast sandwich, were listed on the transaction. The post poses the question, "What has the world come to??"

Similar to this, the fast-food restaurant made news last summer when a patron revealed that a Big Mac combo meal cost an astounding $17.59 at one rest stop in Darien, Connecticut.

It's crucial to remember that, according to the chain's website, 90 percent of McDonald's restaurants are owned and run by franchisees, who are free to determine their own prices. As a result, the price of menu items might vary depending on the location.

Although the abandoned menu shows how much prices have gone up over time, a number of Instagram users noted in Lockhardt's post's comments section that the products on the menu weren't inexpensive for their time and blamed the restaurant's location for this.

"Those costs were absurdly exorbitant for the 1990s. Having a McDonald's on the island was a major delight while I was stationed at NSGA Adak, Alaska in the late 80s," an Instagram user commented.

McDonald's raised its pricing by about 10% in 2023. McDonald's senior vice president and CFO, Ian Borden, stated during the company's most recent earnings call that the business anticipates lowering its costs as inflation gradually declines.

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