Costco Is Planning To Open Its Largest Warehouse Ever

There are many ways to define a Costco warehouse, but not little. The chain's next location will be its largest.

The Fresno Bee reports that Costco plans to build a 241,000-square-foot warehouse on 22.4 acres in northwest Fresno. Even for Costco, that's a lot of space.

The Progressive Grocer reports that Costco warehouses average 146,000 square feet, whereas grocery stores average 38,000.

Herndon Avenue and Riverside Drive will contain the new Fresno site, replacing a 134,000-square-foot warehouse three miles distant.

According to The Fresno Bee, Costco initially proposed a 178,000-square-foot site in 2021 but now wants to build even more.

32 gas pumps, an automated car wash, and over 900 parking slots are planned for the record-breaking Costco warehouse. Locals are reportedly opposing the plan.

Residents worry about a traffic increase from consumers and delivery trucks around the new location. One local warned that traffic

congestion could endanger youngsters going home from adjacent schools after the city opened comments on the proposed store in 2021.

The city and Costco are awaiting an environmental study of the new facility. Fresno's Planning & Development Department released a project's

Costco canceled another warehouse in Lowell, Ark., while planning the Fresno store. Lowell would have been Costco's first Northwest Arkansas location and second in the state.

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