10 Microsoft Excel Alternatives To Use In 2024

Google Sheets:

An online spreadsheet application that is part of the Google Drive suite. It allows for collaboration in real-time and is accessible from any device with internet access.

LibreOffice Calc:

Part of the LibreOffice suite, Calc is a powerful and free open-source spreadsheet program that is compatible with Excel files.

Apache OpenOffice Calc:

Similar to LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice is an open-source office software suite, and Calc is its spreadsheet program.

Zoho Sheet:

Zoho Sheet is a cloud-based spreadsheet application that offers collaboration features and is part of the Zoho Office Suite.


If you are using Apple products, Numbers is Apple's spreadsheet software that integrates well with other Apple applications.


Quip is a collaboration platform that includes a spreadsheet feature, allowing for real-time collaboration on documents and data.


Airtable combines the features of a spreadsheet with a database, providing a flexible platform for organizing and collaborating on data.


Smartsheet is a project management and collaboration tool that includes spreadsheet-like features, offering a more structured approach to data management.


OnlyOffice is an open-source office suite that includes a spreadsheet application. It offers both online and self-hosted solutions.

WPS Office Spreadsheets:

WPS Office is a free office suite that includes a spreadsheet application. It aims to provide compatibility with Microsoft Office formats.