Drinking More Coffee May Help You Lose Weight

Many people have a morning and midday coffee ritual. Most people drink multiple cups of coffee. A Statista Consumer Insights poll found

that U.S. coffee drinkers don't stop at one. About 80% of Americans drink two or more cups of coffee at home during the week.

Coffee boosts energy and focus, and a new study suggests it may help dieters. An October 2023 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study

says consuming more coffee will help you lose weight. Pour yourself a drink and speak.

Read on to learn about this new research, then visit Study: This Is the New 'Magic Number' of Days to Exercise for Results.

This new study investigated whether coffee causes weight gain. The researchers observed caffeine intake, coffee consumption, and weight changes by adding cream

This analysis used three large prospective cohorts: the Nurses' Health analysis (1986–2010), Health Professional Follow-up Study (1991–2014),

and Nurses' Health Study II (1991–2015). The researchers compared weight changes to coffee consumption over four years. Three research were merged

The good news is that drinking one more cup of unsweetened coffee each day reduces weight by 0.3 pounds over four years.

If you drink coffee without sugar and drink more of it, you can speed up your weight reduction. Research suggests that adding milk or coffee whitener to coffee doesn't cause weight gain.

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