Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Are Back—With a Few Upgrades

Taco Bell has created many tempting limited-time offers, but the Nacho Fries are the most famous. Taco Bell brought back this combination

snack often after its 2018 introduction due to its popularity. Today marks their return with some significant upgrades.

Taco Bell has launched different spiced fries in the past, including the Yellowbird Nacho Fries in April, but the ones on the menu now are the

standard golden spuds fans love. The crunchy, boldly spiced chips come with hot nacho cheese dipping sauce.

For the first time, Taco Bell sells big fries. So clients can get more when appetites are high or they wish to share.

There's more! To accompany the fries, Taco Bell will release a Vegan Nacho Sauce on Oct. 12. This is significant since the chain has never given so many vegan options.

To clarify, fans can veganize products. The chain has also briefly tried vegan menu offerings. In June, a Vegan Crunchwrap with the new Vegan

Nacho Sauce debuted in two cities. Taco Bell has never offered a vegan option nationwide before.

The fries have been vegan for a while, so the new sauce will let vegans enjoy them. Taco Bell says customers liked the Vegan Nacho Sauce

Prices may vary per region, but a normal Vegan Nacho Fries costs $2.19 and a large costs $2.99. As always, the fries are limited-time and subject to supply

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