The 10 Best Pets To Own For Frequent Travelers


Cats are generally independent animals that can adapt to being alone for longer periods.


Automatic fish feeders and well-maintained aquariums can sustain them during your travels.

Small rodents:

These small pets are relatively low-maintenance and can be left alone for short periods.

Geckos, Snakes, Turtles:

They require specific environmental conditions, so invest in automated systems if possible.

Birds (Budgies, Canaries):

Smaller bird species are generally more adaptable to being alone.

Birds (Budgies, Canaries):

Guinea pigs are social animals but can be left alone for short periods.


They have simple care requirements but may not be suitable for everyone.

Hermit Crabs:

Ensure they have a proper habitat with humidity and temperature control.


Ensure they have a suitable environment, proper food, and attention when you're home.

pet sitter or dog daycare:

Employ a trustworthy pet sitter or take advantage of dog daycare services when you're away.